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What types of fans can usually be divided?


How much do you know about the type of the fan? Next to all of you to popularize the knowledge of the type of downwind machine:

First of all, what is the fan?
The fan is a machinery which relies on the mechanical energy input to increase the pressure of gas and discharge the gas. It is a kind of driven fluid machinery.

Fan classification: (according to different properties can be divided into different types) as follows:

Fan according to the use of material classification can be divided into several kinds, such as iron fan (ordinary fan) glass steel fan, plastic fan, aluminum, stainless steel fan fan etc.

The fan classification can be divided into centrifugal, axial flow, oblique flow (mixed flow) and crossflow type according to the direction of gas flow.

(1) Centrifugal Fan. The axial flow of the air flow is mainly along the radial direction after the axial flow of the airflow into the impeller of the fan. This type of fan is made in accordance with the principle of centrifugal action. The products include centrifugal fan, centrifugal blower and centrifugal compressor.

(2) Axial Fan. The airflow axially enters the impeller of the fan, and flows along the axis of the cylindrical surface approximately. This type of fan includes axial-flow fan, axial flow blower and axial compressor

(3) rotary fan. The volume of the air chamber is changed by rotating the rotor to carry out the work. The common varieties are roots blower and rotary compressor.

The flow direction of the fan is divided into axial flow fan, centrifugal fan and inclined flow (mixed flow) fan according to the flow direction of the air flow into the impeller.

Fans are divided into pressing local fans (hereinafter referred to as pressing fans) and flameproof motors, which are placed outside the flow channel or in the flow channel, and the flameproof motors are placed in the explosion-proof sealed cavity with the extractable local fan (hereinafter referred to as the extraction fan).

The fan can also be divided into single, double or multistage pressurized fan in the form of pressure. If 4-72 is a single stage pressure, the high end fan is a multistage pressure fan.

The fan can be divided into axial flow fan, mixed flow fan, roof fan, air conditioner fan and so on.

The fan can be divided into low pressure fan, medium pressure fan and high pressure fan according to pressure.

According to the export pressure (boost) is divided into: ventilator (less than 15 thousand Pa), blower (1.5 ~ 350 thousand Pa), compressor (over 350 thousand Pa).

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