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Take you to experience different workshops


As an employee of a company, how can you not be familiar with your own products? So how to make yourself familiar with the product (heat dissipation fan) as soon as possible? Don't worry? Come with me:
The first day has just entered the firm, the boss took us to visit the factory, introduced to the director and supervisor, then let the supervisor gave us a position on the line (to the wind machine, a retaining ring) began to teach us how to tighten the buckle head, is actually very simple, just a little fee eyes. This can be very rapid eye and hand speed! After that, the boss let us stay in the workshop for a week, so that we can do every pipeline job. The purpose is to make us better familiar with products and have a general understanding of products. In this workshop the experience of life, in each job everyone do their job, but will also help each other, there will be several workers take turns off the bench, where the lack of manpower, he will soon come off the bench or help accelerate progress, so this requires that he is familiar with each gang a, each post can be started quickly. This can ensure the smooth production of the product, streamline flow, delivery time on time. But when the line of work, have found a little problem, I begin not familiar with the product, the product model, I have absolutely ignorant of the parameter name for each product components and products, so in my line of work, I will ask the next general, what is this part of this part what is the role of, why should this test fan is good or bad, but they did not answer, not answering my questions although they will do this, know how to do, but do not know why. Of course, for the director and director, these questions are a piece of cake. Their familiarity with the product I just eye-opening, such as their fan Dian under the weight of that is used in copper or aluminum, know what is the use of models, what is the thickness of the stator, press the fan, which is used to know what is bearing, ball bearing or bearing, and more the miracle is to machine this process, they will turn the fan, listening to the sound of fan to judge the quality, which are used on the test instrument, it is artificial test instrument!
In this one week workshop experience in life, have a general understanding of the product name, type, of course, the product parameters are not well understood, the need to strengthen the later, and then gradually familiar, and everyone is familiar with the shop workers, will greet each other, joking, man well, always get along well with each other in the process of contact and mutual understanding.

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