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In which conditions are the explosion-proof axial fans used?


First of all, let us understand the basic common sense of the explosion-proof Axial Fan.
Scope of application

Suitable for conveying flammable and non corrosive gases, the ambient temperature shall not exceed 60 DEG C, widely used in general factory, warehouse, office, residential ventilation or strong heat, the exhaust pipe also can have a longer interval are arranged in series, in order to increase the pressure of the pipeline, remove the fan motor to do. Anticorrosive axial flow fan is made of anticorrosive material and coated with epoxy paint. The motor uses special anticorrosive motor to transport corrosive gases. Explosion-proof axial fan is used to transport flammable and explosive gas. It is suitable for the environment of T1~T4. The impeller is made of aluminum alloy to prevent sparking during operation, and the motor is flameproof motor.

1. The scope of application of explosion-proof axial fan:

1. Dangerous places for explosive gas mixtures: 1 zones and 2 areas.

2, explosive gas mixture: II A, II B.

3, temperature group: T1 to T4.

4, explosion-proof sign: Exd II BT4.

Two, explosion-proof axial fan product features:

1. The explosion-proof axial fan is composed of explosion-proof motor, fan blade, wind drum and other parts.

2, fan used large chord, space warps, oblique type wide blade, the premise that drive at low speed, can achieve the required air volume, air pressure;

3. The impeller structure is adjustable, and it can be adjusted properly according to the requirements of the air outlet of the user and the use place, which is convenient and flexible.

4, impeller installation adopts symmetrical type. According to different adjustment angles, positive and negative two-way ventilation can be realized at the same installation position, which will bring convenience for users to install and use on site.

5. Low noise, low energy consumption and reliable explosion-proof performance.

6, the installation method is flexible and varied, there are wall, pipe, post, fixed.

7, the impeller speed (or motor power or air volume) can be selected according to the requirements of the user.

Three. The installation of explosion-proof axial fan:

Fixed type: the fixed type can also be divided into the wall type, also called the pipe type, the fan is fixed in the air vent.

Position type: also known as mobile, with post support, with roller on the bracket, can move everywhere, easy to use.

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