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How much does the DC fan know?


There are mainly DC fans, AC fans, cross flow fans, axial fans, centrifugal fans and Guan Daofeng machines. Next, we mainly introduce the DC fans, and how much do you know about DC fans? Let's learn together.

First of all, we need to know what a direct current fan is, and the direct current fan is a fan that can rotate the DC motor to drive the fan impeller to rotate, thus realizing the transformation of direct current energy into mechanical energy. The biggest characteristic of the Dc Fan is the selection of the DC motor.
At present, the DC blower mostly uses brushless DC motor, and the brushless DC motor is greatly simplified in structure because of saving the collector ring and brush for excitation. At the same time, it not only improves the technological property of the motor, but also increases the mechanical reliability of the motor and increases the life of the motor.
At the same time, the air gap magnetic density can be greatly improved, the motor index can achieve the best design. The direct effect is that the motor volume is reduced and the weight is reduced. Not only that, but also has excellent control performance compared with other motors. This is because: first, the torque constant, torque inertia ratio and power density of the motor are greatly improved because of the high performance of permanent magnetic material. Through reasonable design, it can greatly reduce the moment of inertia, electrical and mechanical time constant and other indicators. As the main index of servo control performance has been greatly improved. Secondly, the design of modern permanent magnet magnetic circuit is relatively perfect, plus the coercive force of permanent magnet material is high, so the ability of permanent magnet motor to resist armature reaction and its anti magnetic ability is greatly enhanced, and the control parameter of motor is greatly reduced with external disturbance. Third, because the permanent magnet instead of the electric excitation, the design of excitation winding and excitation magnetic field is reduced, so that many parameters such as excitation flux, excitation winding inductance, excitation current and so on are reduced, which directly reduces controllable variables or parameters. The above factors can be said that permanent magnet motor has excellent controllability.

Then we need to know what features of the DC Fan are:
(1) small loss and high efficiency
Because permanent magnet excitation is adopted, the loss of excitation current of induction motor is eliminated, and permanent magnet brushless DC motor operates in synchronous operation mode, eliminating the rotor frequency core loss of induction motor. These two aspects make the running efficiency of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor far higher than that of the induction motor, and the efficiency of the small capacity motor is more obvious.
(2) high power factor
Because the excitation magnetic field of Brushless DC motor does not need reactive power of the grid, its power factor is much higher than that of induction motor. Brushless DC motor can run at 1 power factor, which is very advantageous for small power motor. Compared with the induction motor, brushless motor not only has higher efficiency and power factor but also has more advantages in light load than the rated load.
(3) good speed control and simple control
Compared with the variable frequency speed regulation of induction motor, the speed control of Brushless DC motor is not only simple, but also has better speed control performance.
(4) the inverter has low capacity, so the cost of the inverter is low
A brushless DC motor needs a rectangular wave current, and the current rating of the inverter refers to the peak of the rectangular wave. An induction motor needs a sinusoidal current, and the current rating of the inverter is generally referred to as the value of the sine wave. In order to maintain the control ability of the inverter to the motor current, there should be enough difference between the DC voltage of the inverter and the induction electromotive force of the motor. Therefore, the peak value of trapezoidal wave induction electromotive force and induction motor electromotive force of induction motor is limited by DC voltage of inverter. In this case, if the peak value is equal to the brushless DC motor and induction motor current, the output power is 33% higher than the latter, that is to say, the brushless DC motor with a rectifier / inverter can drive 33% higher than the output power of the induction motor.

Finally, we need to know about the application of the direct current fan.
Widely used in computer, communication products, photoelectric products, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical equipment, exchanger, heaters, air conditioners, inverter, automatic teller machine, car refrigerator, welding machine, electromagnetic oven, audio equipment, environmental protection equipment, refrigeration equipment and other traditional or modern equipment.

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