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Have you got the pipe fan?


1. What is a Pipe Fan?

The control parameters of the pipe fan are air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise and motor power. According to the physical and chemical properties of the transported gas, the ventilator of different uses is selected.

2. Its product features:

1. pipe ventilator selection control parameters are air volume, full pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power and so on.
2. choose different uses of ventilator according to the physical and chemical properties of the transported gas. For transporting clean air, general ventilators should be chosen; inflammable and explosive gases should be chosen, explosion-proof ventilators should be chosen; corrosive fans should be chosen for transporting corrosive gases.
3., when ventilator is selected, we should consider the loss of the air leakage and the calculation error of the pipeline system, as well as the negative deviation between the actual air volume and the wind pressure of the fan, and generally adopt the safety factor of air volume of 1.05~1.1 and 1.10~1.15 of wind pressure. But it is not too big to prevent the ventilator from running in a low efficiency area for a long time.
4. pay attention to the matching relationship between the resistance characteristics of the pipe network and the fan characteristics. In order to make the ventilation function run stably, the ventilator should work near its highest efficiency point. The working point of the fan is located on the right side of the total pressure peak point in the performance curve, that is, the large air volume side, and is generally located at 80% of the total pressure peak.
5. for the ventilation system with muffling requirements, we should first choose a fan with high efficiency and low impeller circumferential speed, and work in the vicinity of the highest efficiency point. According to the transmission mode of noise and vibration of the ventilation system, the corresponding measures of noise reduction and vibration reduction should be taken.
6., through changing the shape of blade, the pipe ventilator can make part of the axial flow and partial centrifugal effect after the air flow enters the fan, so its performance is between the axial flow fan and the Centrifugal Fan.
The 7. pipe ventilator provides medium air pressure and medium air volume. It is suitable for the ventilation system in the high-rise civil buildings.

3. The main points of its installation are:

The installation of 1. fan (foundation, hanger) should have the strength, stability and durability enough, pedestal vibration should meet the following requirements:
1) the vibration frequency of the basic device should not be greater than the 1/3 of the motor and the fan speed.
2) the difference between the vibration speed of the ventilator and the vibration speed of the ventilator at rest is more than 3 times more than that of the fan.
2. the connection between the inlet and outlet of the ventilator and the wind pipe should be provided with a flexible joint. The air inlet pipe, air outlet pipe and other devices should be supported separately and firmly supported by the foundation or other components of the building, and the shell should not bear the weight of other parts.
3. when the ventilator is installed on the building components, vibration isolation measures should be taken.
The installation of 4. ventilator can be carried out according to the standard design atlas of the following countries.
The 5. pipe ventilator can be installed on the straight pipe, which has the advantages of convenient takeover and small space.

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