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Do you know how to maintain the cooling fan?


For a fan the length of life, the wind machine maintenance also plays a vital role in them, in daily life, people are likely to ignore the fan maintenance, then I will tell you how to maintain the fan, thereby prolonging the service life of the fan:

First, open the equipment shell, then open the fan, the fan closed equipment supply, 2CM distance with air gun, blowing fan; then wipe with industrial alcohol dirt fan above, then tilt the body to adjust the clearance position, after a good tune with the wind blowing dust gun device. From the front of the equipment to the equipment, it needs to be cleaned and rotated again and again until clean.

Two. The wind speed of the Ac Fan is determined by a variety of factors. The most important two reasons are the bearing of the AC Fan.
2.1, ball bearing: bearing on the long-term ion in air oxidation, dirt and dust accumulation, will lead to increased resistance to the bearing, the wind speed decreased gradually.
2.2, bearing: AC fan bearing, mainly depends on the friction between the stator and the coil rotates, and the bearing oil, with the use of fans, non-stop work and time consumption, reduce gradually, work by using the wind turbine, wind speed more slowly.

Three. The lifespan of the fan will vary according to the different use environment, assuming that working in a standard environment.
AC ball fan life 3.1, the average is about 50 thousand hours, the products of different manufacturers will have to distinguish: Germany EBM, Taiwan SUNON, Shenzhen NIDEC, the winner, Shenzhen Yongchang manufacturers such as the product life of -6 million in the 50 thousand hours;
AC fan 3.2, the general life of oil for 25 thousand hours, due to the bearing wear will make repeated rotation, short service life, high quality manufacturers to 30 thousand -3.5 million hours of life;
The equipment needs to be cleaned and cleaned at least once a month. Air entry net should be kept clean to prevent airflow, and clean or compressed air can be cleaned with a soft brush.

Do you know if you have a deeper understanding of the maintenance of the fan through the above knowledge? I hope this article can help you better, thank you for reading!

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